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What others think…

Mike at Open-Realty Support has built 2 sites for us now and if a third is ever required, we will be using his services again. The benefit of using Open-Realty Support does not stop when the site is up and running. Small tweaks to aid performance or the client experience are undertaken with the same enthusiasm and a practical and methodical attitude towards solving problems is greatly appreciated.


Steven J. Bromley |

Prompt service, always happy to help, nothing ever a big-deal and always good value for money!

Nick Riches
Owner, Riches Property

You are an absolute star! Thank you so much!

P. S.

I was getting so frustrated, I really should have come to you sooner! Thank you so much for your help!

G. B.

Perfect! Thank you so so much for all your valued help

J. K.

My website is finally working as I wanted it to! What a life saver! You’ve just saved me so much time every month!!

B. T.

Fantastic job, the site is looking fantastic now! I really did not expect you to get all the jobs done so quickly and to my exact specification! Super happy!

J. R.

Some of the services that we provide

Open-Realty® Updates

From time to time Open-Realty® and addons you use are updated to improve security and reliability. We install these updates for you so that you don’t have to worry about the security of your website.

Database Optimizations

Over time as you add and remove properties and make updates, the database gets a bit messy and your site gets slower. We keep it optimized and running quickly.

Training Videos

We include a series of custom training videos to teach you, or your staff, how to use Open-Realty® properly and efficiently.

Free Addons

No need to go searching the internet for Open-Realty® addons, we keep an up-to-date database of addons for you to quickly download and install.

Open-Realty® Support Tasks

Sometimes you want something updating or something breaks, this is where we step in and help. Use your monthly support tasks and we will fix and update your site as you wish.

Website Migration

Sometimes you need to move your website to a new web host. We will take the stress out of a move by transferring all files, images and the database with as little down time as possible.

What Are Tasks?

A task is a job or a group of small jobs that we can normally do in around 30 minutes. Tasks can be almost anything from updates, to template modifications, content writing, virus/hack removal and even PHP coding.

If your task will take longer than 30 minutes then that’s fine, we offer additional support at $99/hour, or a heavily discounted rate of only $69/hour for members of our Premium plan.

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